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Tasia creator of Get Dirty was raised in the suburbs of New york, shes always been the creative type and up to challenge herself with any new projects. Growing up and still today, she suffers from very sensitive skin and always had a reaction to anything she applied. On top of that, all brands had multiple ingredients that were foreign to her and she didn't like the idea of not knowing 100% what she was applying to her skin. After all, what you put on your skin is absorbed and then effects us on the inside. GetDirty was born in November 2016 and was discovered and featured in Westchester Magazine and won "Best New Skincare Line" in their 2017 edition.

For Tasia, creating skincare is an intimate process. Before deciding on ingredients, she researches multiple combination benefits, best sensitive skincare and organic essential oils. She handcrafts and creates everything from the skincare recipe to packaging and branding.